Agency Valuation

For over 30 years, Second Wind has been helping smaller to mid-sized agencies place a value on their business. Like many financial professionals, Second Wind feels it is necessary to value your business every few years. It is always important to understand what your agency is worth, whether this is simply for the purpose of buying enough insurance, or beginning to think about retirement, or perhaps, ultimately selling your business.

There are several approaches to valuing an agency and many factors involved in determining the ultimate market value. Included among them are price vs. terms, quality of creative, longevity of accounts, contracts with key employees and billing practices.  When conducting a valuation, Second Wind uses a combination of financial data and  indexing of seventeen key operational areas of your agency to provide a whole-earth view, and not just a snapshot of the numbers. Agency valuations are executed using three year's financial statements and calculated using your agency's AGI and EBITDA information.

If you haven't conducted an agency valuation recently, have one done this year. You never know when you might need a clear idea of what your agency is worth.

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