Are you an agency leader looking for the opportunity to engage with others like you?

With PIER, you have the chance to join nine other successful agency leaders and two knowledgeable consultants who are available every month for problem-solving, dialogue, and collaboration. The goal of PIER is simple – offer support through accountability, information sharing and new ideas so nothing stops your success!

PIER is a six-month engagement that offers collaboration, accountability, and knowledge sharing among agency principals and key managers.

Virtual meetings are held each month with a group of 10 peers from non-competing agencies.


Meetings will be topically driven and highly interactive with discussion, polling, whiteboarding and more.


Independent projects will be assigned to share and develop with the group.

Participants will be expected to attend 5 out of the 6 meetings.

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"If you're on the fence about trying a PIER group like I was, do it! We've invested in PIER 3 times and have never regretted it."

Kelsea • Agency Partner

"At first I was hesitant about the time and dollar commitment for PIER, but I saw a return on my investment after the first meeting."

Lindsay • Agency Owner

PIER Facilitators

Laurie Mikes

COO, Second Wind

Zack Pawlosky

Founder, Agency Co.