What is Second Wind?

Second Wind is a powerful information resource designed with one thing in mind – helping smaller and midsize advertising agencies, design firms and related businesses to be better.

Our goal is to help your agency be stronger, faster, smarter, more creative and ready for anything that comes. And not just ready to defend your position against competitors -- but ready to outmaneuver them, out-strategize them, and out-service them. Second Wind can take you to the next level.

Second Wind offers a vast collection of industry tools, knowledge and collaborative venues to help meet the daily needs of your business. Second Wind currently serves thousands of agency principals and employees in North America and several foreign countries.

Second Wind was founded by former agency owner and entrepreneur Anthony P. Mikes. Mr. Mikes owned and operated design studios and agencies for twenty-five years before launching Second Wind in 1988.

Our knowledgeable team is ready to give your firm a boost. Are you ready to be better?