Our Consulting Team

Laurie Mikes

Laurie currently acts as the Chief Operating Officer of Second Wind, overseeing daily operations while keeping one finger on the pulse of our industry.  Laurie is deeply involved with our member agencies on a daily basis. Whether it's providing guidance about financial matters, agency growth, personnel or operations, her experience brings valuable insight and perspective to agencies looking to build a successful sustainable business.

Laurie has been with Second Wind for 25 years and has lead and assisted with numerous consulting engagements over the years. Her focus is on operational and account service consulting.

Vince Dong

Accountants know the books; consultants know the business. Add an expertise in agency software, and you have Vince Dong of Ad-Vice. Having worked in marketing communications agencies and consulting with them for over 30 years, he brings exclusive added value to Second Wind members.

Vince’s value comes from helping agencies throughout North America recognize that the recipe for success needs more than just good creative and marketing strategy. Using his knowledge as a CPA and CA along with his agency experience, Vince enables agencies to build a solid financial and organizational structure.

As a Second Wind consultant, Vince’s contribution is not limited to individual agencies. He is a regular speaker at our conferences where he tackles the topical and relevant real-life issues our members face. Vince’s unique experience, qualifications, and personality work together to provide an empowering experience for all those that work with him. This is best summed up by Vince’s own brand signature: now you know what you have to do.

Zack Pawlosky

Sales, culture, and high growth ventures is where Zack's specialty lies. As a successful former agency owner, that he later sold after growing the agency to millions of dollars in revenue with dozens of employees, Zack is an expert in agency account service, sales, culture, and more. Today, he works in venture capital, guiding high growth businesses and leading teams that develop new technology products. Zack has partnered with Second Wind because he's experienced and passionate about the creative industry and as a former Second Wind agency member, believes in the value that Second Wind creates.