About Forums

It is our goal to make the Second Wind Forum a thriving interactive community where members can exchange and share information and advice. Following are a few guidelines for Forum participation that we encourage you to review before participating. Please drop us a note with any questions or comments: info@secondwindonline.com.

Please use the Second Wind Forums to:

  • Gain knowledge that will help you succeed
  • Share your experience and insight with others
  • Initiate debate and topical discussions among participants
  • Make some new friends in the industry

Please do not:

  • Post agency job openings or recruitment messages. We don't want to encourage dipping into other member's talent pools to fill open positions. If you need recruitment help, call us at 610-374-9093, we have other ways of assisting. Please ask for Jeremy Mullen.
  • Send a copy of user requests or their contact information to outside parties without the user’s permission. It is important to respect the confidentiality and privacy of all Second Wind Forum users.
  • Post personal, confidential or proprietary information.
  • Post offensive or inappropriate content. Remember, this is a forum for professionals so please act professionally.

NOTE: While Second Wind does not prescreen information submitted by Forum users, we may edit or remove any post or comment that violates the above guidelines.