Account Managers' Pledge

Account Managers' Pledge

We know an agency principal who has this poster on the wall facing his desk. We really think it puts into very few words the responsibilities of a good account executive. The principal gave his permission to reproduce this. Duplicate it for your agency's account executives.

By the way, the bold words of wisdom contained herein (Strategy, Focus, Partnership, etc.) are in themselves the keys to agency success.

Account Managers: Our Shared Vision

I will become an extension of my clients' marketing staff
from planning through execution, by establishing myself
as a valuable and necessary marketing strategist and business partner.

I will educate myself on my client's business.
I will become a key client and agency information source
by understanding my clients' marketing environments.

I will proactively lead my accounts and not simply take project orders.
I will not burn bridges with my clients or teams.
I will be the eyes and ears of my clients, as well as their voice.
I will build fun with respect to my clients and teams
with my personal attitude and energy.

I will plan ROI into my strategies and tactics,
helping my clients achieve their sales interests and
marketing goals. By producing results for my clients,
I will help build agency profitability.

I will explore beyond the obvious.
I will strive for innovative approaches, not for their own sake,
but to benefit my clients' customer interactions.
I will be a catalyst for innovative thinking to my clients.

I will not say "yes" when "no" will benefit the client or the agency most.
I will be fair.

I will know my clients' expectations and strive to exceed them
strategically, creatively, on time and within budget.


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