Culture Eats System: Making Workflow Work Through Culture

Culture Eats System

At Second Wind, we regularly work with members whose agencies need to have better daily operating and workflow systems. Over the years, we have been involved with very fast-growing agencies, agencies that have taken on new software that purportedly will make the daily workflow simple, and agencies that are moving from antiquated systems to something more modern.

In all cases, we do our best to help these agencies see the light about more efficient workflow. We take them through workflow exercises and group meetings, step-by-step white board sessions, training by software consultants—whatever it takes to get their agency to a better place with regard to daily workflow, traffic and production.

Why is this important? Many agencies are seeing the value of KEEPING more of the money they earn, rather than simply winning new business and letting a good portion go down the drain in poor estimates, scope creep or lack of process control.

Hear this:

There are two ways to make more money in the agency business.

  • Charge more/bill more.
  • Save more on expenses and achieve higher efficiency.

But the most important factor in saving money on projects and achieving greater efficiency is…


If your team is with you on this, amazing things can happen. If they are not, then almost nothing short of beatings will work. (You know the old pirate saying… “The beatings will continue until morale improves.”)

If your team does a good job on estimating, makes sure the agency has enough time to complete projects, posts estimates so all workers can see them, posts time sheets daily, issues pre-priced purchases orders for all outside vendors, turns in T&E forms regularly… your agency will be in tip-top shape to put more on the bottom line.

You see what I mean. If your people want to do this, if they have enough “agency culture” in them, all of this is a snap.

If they don’t, well... let the beatings continue.

That’s why I say, in the agency business, culture eats system for lunch.

Get your culture in order and you will make a lot more money.


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