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Recovering Google accounts


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Dave O
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The question: Have any of you had success in recovering a lost/abandoned Google account?

We help several clients with their online presence, including some basic SEO services (such as making sure their name/info is consistent across all 3 search engines and several top-level seed directories)

I have two clients in particular who have either changed location or added new locations, and I can't update their Google places account because the person who set it up originally is long gone. I've contacted their old IT people, the receptionist/office manager who helped start the business, etc and I keep running into dead ends.

For one client's profile, I ran through Google's account recovery process and left a plaintive email asking for the current account holder to contact me.

Is there a best practice for this? I know I could set up an alternate google account, populate it and try to "take over" but that seems like I'd be muddying the waters, at best. I'm pretty sure Google will ignore or close down the newer profile in favor of the older, better-established one. And getting real help from Google is nigh-impossible.

Has anyone out there run this gauntlet and succeeded?

Jeff Nordeen
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Hi Dave,

I will say that this is an arduous process where each case is different.  Google has historically been awful in working with agencies, companies and individuals to remedy these types of issues.

If you have a Google rep that you work with, that is certainly your best first step.  If you don't, let me know and I will see what we can do to help.

Just give me a shout:



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