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Fees for excessive ad tagging of a client's site?


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Glenn Bourque
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I'm curious if anyone else has found themselves in the situation where a client goes overboard on requesting ad tags for their site(s) and it creates immense amounts of work and time in the ad server to properly build the tags.

Has anyone ever charged for this? If so how did the client take it?

Member 2324
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Haven't had this specific request but there are many times when clients request items outside the scope of the estimate. Mainly because they "don't know." We try and educate them on what the estimate does include and provide a change order/estimate based on the new or additional items they request. We've found if you provide the cost associated with the new/additional work and have an open discussion about the experienced team executing the work, it leads to signed estimates and/or enhanced education for the client for future projects.

Hope this helps!

Jay Friedman
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It depends on how you define excessive.  If they're measuring "just to know" but there is no measurable business result or knowledge that will come from that tagging, it's fair to push back.  If tagging two separate pages differently will help you/them re-target differently or build different audiences within a DMP, we would consider that fair.

One last thing is to make sure the client isn't trying to use their ad server as a means to determine web site performance.  We see it all the time the other way around (using google analytics and the like to determine media performance - bad idea) but the same is true in reverse.  Ad servers determine media success, site side analytics tools determine web site performance.  Let us know if we can help advise any further.

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