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We are looking for new and unique ways to advertise an investment services/wealth management small business.

Other than the usual print ads, SEM, banner, social media, etc etc, etc, what other unique non-traditional tactics has your agency done for a client?  This is a rural market and the demo we are trying to reach is ages 35 to 55.   In our research so far, things like coffee sleeves and dry cleaning bags are not an option because it's too rural.  The investment services business is affiliated with a local bank.

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A couple thoughts - first, cable television advertising. Very reasonable with strong targeting capabilities. We have used local advertising on the Golf Channel to target the right demographic - financial and news networks as well. Not really on-going advertising exposure, but you might consider a special event sponsorship or an affiliation with a particular non-profit. Our client has sponsored golf events for clients and has remained very active with a teen center dedicated to keeping kids off the streets and mentoring teens

Tom Barcelona

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We've had success capturing MQLs by creating content that is relevant to our client's demo. For an investment service/wealth management company, a good strategy focuses on building trust through transparent education. I'm happy to share success stories.

- Richard L. Camp

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