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How Much is an Idea Worth? Client Wants to "BUY" the Second Campaign Option.


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Heather Mangold
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We tend to do a ton of branding work, less campaign work. Recently we did 2 ad campaign options for a client. They selected one and it has been running successfully in market for about 6 months. Now they are planning for 2019 and want to shift to the other campaign.

The client understands that they only “bought the first idea", and are "willing to pay to use the second idea.”  But since we don’t run up against this often I have no idea what to charge.

Original project was $16,000.  What is a fair price for use of the second idea?

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Hello Heather. So...how much billable time did you put into the first campaign vs. the $16K that you billed the client for? Sincerely, Vince Dong

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Hi Heather:

I know we spoke about this but I wanted to post the information for others to see.

"This is always a difficult question to address. However, many agency start with their original production costs and charge 50% of that for purchase of a second concept. In your case, that would be $8000. You have to also use your gut and see what you think the client may go for. You can always negotiate from there."


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