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New CPG launch without FSI


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We're launching a frozen food product without any free standing inserts. We were wondering if anyone had examples of CPG launches that did not include FSI's and if they compensated for that in any way. Also, any examples of companies comparing a product that they launched with FSI's to a product that they did not use FSI with would also be beneficial. Overall we are seeking any information about alternative ways to promote a new product without FSI's.

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It would help to know more about the category, the strength of the competition, the markets you’re planning to enter and your client’s point of product difference/superiority.

Assuming the product has demonstrated that it can hold it’s own against the category leaders in consumer testing, the trade is the place to start. Key accounts who agree to stock the product will require strong merchandising support and would probably welcome the opportunity to run an introductory feature with a store-redeemed, clipless coupon, provided the value is high enough in their opinion to create interest and trial.

Just be sure your introductory promotion is structured to reinforce your point of difference and superiority rather than allowing the trade to focus exclusively on a hot feature price that could establish a less than optimum price/value perception.

You might also consider incorporating some sort of bounce-back, in-pack coupon good on the next purchase to help incent repurchase.

Give me a call if you’d like to discuss this further.

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