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Which new business tools are you using?


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Mark Bubula
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Wondering which new business tools or services people are using or have tried in the past, i.e. Mirren, Winmo, lead providers, etc. What has or hasn't worked? What is or isn't worth the investment? Let's chat!

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In the past, I've taken a ton of webinars from Mirren and used Winmo. In my current job, I use Access Confidential and prior to my joining they used RSW.

I liked Winmo but prefer Access Confidential. It's about half the price and so far (I've had it for about two months now) just as, if not more,  useful. I particularly like that they'll research any company for me and it's part of the service, not extra.

Mirren had a lot of helpful information and I learned a lot. They really do help marketers market themselves. Before I joined my previous job they had Mirren come in and help them establish what to put out there as their "expertise." It at least gave them (and me) something to work with outreach-wise. After a time the webinars and articles got repetitive and I never found their review alerts helpful. By the time Mirren got hold of the news, the companies were already mid-search.

I hesitate to use lead providers. My office's use of RSW was before me but I understand we got two clients out of their efforts--one ok, one very good. They may not have given them enough time to generate more.

I'd love to hear other people's opinions! I'm always looking for a new source or technique.

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We used Lead Forensics for awhile to see who was visiting our website. It was very helpful to see what companies had visited our site, and then what people worked in what departments within the company. We'd call them and say “We have some tracking on our site to help our clients, and we noticed somebody from your organization was visiting. We won't pester you, but if there is anything we can help with, let us know.” It was a good mix of creepy and cool. You should look into it. And if you want to try a cheaper option with less bells and whistles there are a few out there, but don't seem quite as robust.

Otherwise, any type of CRM program where you track your contacts and calls will help — “what gets measured gets done.”

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