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Hi guys,

So I'm curious which awards programs, if any, you all find most beneficial for new business? We have historically only gone after national and international competitions and done quite well but recently heard from someone I trust that the going to a local competition and cleaning up is more valuable that getting national recognition in front of new prospects that are far away.

What do you guys think? In this day and age does proximity really matter? Are awards programs worth the time and money invested when considering them as a business development cost? Which programs have actually driven new business or relationships for you? Are their niche programs that you find are especially credible?

I'm thinking about putting together a master database of awards programs and would be happy to share it with anyone who contributes when its complete.

Thanks in advance,

~ Jenn

Wágner dos Santos
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The One Show, Cleos, Adrians, Reggies, and Cannes. The American Advertising Awards are good for starters or those wishing to gain visibility to their younger crew.

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