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Marketing automotive repair services to businesses with fleets


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Anybody have any experience conducting marketing communications for auto dealerships looking to sell their fleet maintenance services to businesses. Looking for advice on how to identify prospects and best ways to communicate with them.

Jay Friedman
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Do you know what kinds of businesses these would be?  If you can identify certain NAICS codes that would fit these busineses, we can run online display ads only to those business IPs.  We've done this type of targeting for others and it has worked well.  Not sure it would meet our minimums ($5k/mo) but if not, perhaps there are others that can do this for you?

Member 2587
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We work with equipment dealerships. Although what we do for them isn't entirely apples to apples with what you're trying to do, we do have relevant experience.

Call if you want to discuss.

Jane Cooper, Cooper Hong Inc.


Member 1841
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You can narrow the search quickly by finding companies that have trucks by weight, how many and numbers of axls. I gotten this info from Polk's automotive division before.  You can also find them by categories such as contractors, plumbers, HVAC etc,

Call if you'd like

Greg Babcock


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