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Kantar alternatives


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Hi guys,

I have a client looking to find out what their clients (higher ed) are spending in a specific market but doesn't want to use Kantar. I've asked her if its a cost concern or a format restriction that doesn't meet her needs - Waiting for a reply back. In the mean time, do any of you have any suggestions?

Thanks so much!

~ Jenn

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Hi Jenn:

I do not know of any good alternatives to Kantar. However, Second Wind does have a special member's program that greatly reduces the pricing of Kantar if that turns out to be your client's concern. I'll ask my colleague Melissa reach out to you to discuss the pricing and available data.


David Richardson
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Hi Jenn,

If the client can do some of the analyzing themselves and doesn't need a consultant, I would recommend reaching out to Research Now SSI.  They have some great new tools that could help with understanding tough audiences and their buying/spending habits.

Good luck!

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