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Client permission for social/web mentions


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Sara Lundenberger
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We are trying to figure out the best way to receive client permission to post about them/their projects on social/newsletters/website. Currently, we specifically ask each client if we are going to use them as a reference or for a larger case study, but how do you handle simple every day social posts?

We are thinking about adding an opt-in line to our standard agreement to give us permission to mention them as a client and showcase the work we are doing for them.


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Hi Sara,

If we are looking to congratulate them on something public we just post and tag them. If we are sharing something that isn't public or is really more about us than them then we ask first usually over the phone with a follow up on email so there is a paper trail. Some client contracts do forbid any mentions of them as a client however so, of course, always be aware of that kind of fine print.

~ Jenn

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