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Looking for content development for manufacturing industry


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We are looking for someone experienced in developing content, specifically for the manufacturing industry. The client will be using the content in blog posts, on the website, social media, etc.

As always, I appreciate the help and support of SecondWind members!


Element Creative
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Hi Karen,

One of our agency's core services is content marketing. We have experienced writers on staff who have written for several manufacturing clients in all formats (blog posts, ebooks, white papers, social, landing pages, PR, etc) and we have processes into place to write successfully for different businesses and industries.

Please let me know if you'd like to schedule a call to discuss further!

Nikki Peroutka

Director of Account Services | Element | goelement.com

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Hi Karen,

Our agency has been exclusively focused in the manufacturing sector since 1990 and do quite a lot of content development in traditional areast as well as digital. As long as there's not a conflict of interest with an existing account (in particular, doing work for one of their direct competitors) we would be happy to talk to you. http://www.dgsmarketing.com. If you're interested in talking, please feel free to call my direct line at 317-813-2220. Thanks.

Marc Diebold

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