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Great Game of Business / ESOP


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David Meyer
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Has anyone experimented with The Great Game of Business to educate employees on how the business works, and provide monetary incentives to perform? If so, I'd LOVE to pick your brain. I've read the book and can see how it would easily apply for some industries, but am struggling with how to implement it for a marketing/branding/interactive shop. I think job profitability (vs. budget), billable percentages, and cash on hand should be in the formula, but I'm a bit out of water on this. There are some local consultants who specialize in this, but I'd rather check with 'insiders' first.

I'm also curious if anyone has had any success with transitioning ownership to employees. We're a few years away from needing to make that decision, but I want to plan ahead, if possible.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions/help.



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Hi David,

I have not read the book (yet) but it looks like an addition to my list. My partner and I recently bought our agency from the founder. He prepared quite well and it went quite smoothly. There are definitely some things you should consider. I have an online tool that you could use to define your business model, and share it with employees. Call me at 701-795-6802.


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David - our agency is a big believer in Open Book Management (part of GGOB) and we've tried some practices in gamification. Happy to share with you about it and also hear how you're working to implement ideas. Let me know if I can help - chris@engeniusweb.com.

I'd also encourage checking out the Small Giants Community www.smallgiants.org (and the Small Giants book by Bo Burlingham). It's how I met Jack and learned about GGOB in the first place. The SGC has a large contingent of OBM and GGOB companies, as well as a strong attachment to values-driven leadership.


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