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What is a fair price for a SWOT analysis and marketing plan?


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I am pitching a tourism account with a $725K budget for the media buy and a marketing plan. Creative development is not on the table. The "marketing plan" will cover a competitive spending analysis, a SWOT analysis, and a brand positioning/target recommendation.
I see the marketing plan process including 2 meetings, one at the beginning of the process to get client input and direction and one at the end to present the plan.
What is a fair price for the marketing plan?

Jay Friedman
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How about doing $20k but make it able to be applied to the their spend should they choose you? That way, if you don't get the account you don't totally lose out. If they're serious about working with you, they have nothing to worry about either?

Larry Meador - ceo at evok advertising
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I agree, but either include a PEST or create a session that you can agency brand (they can only get X from you)

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