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Looking for a web development partner with capacity and bandwidth


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Kristy Bonner
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Looking for a group with capacity and bandwidth to partner on a high-function WordPress site. We'll take care of the copy and design but we're looking for some help with development, functionality and the actual web build. This project will include an online cart subscription module with many components; a single-site login that must integrate with two different third-party platforms - .net software using MicroSoft authentication and online video service with SAML integration; SaleForce integration; event management and signup; instructor forum; and user dashboard module to pull all assets from multiple areas with the potential of a high volume of users. Please email kbonner@fostermarketing.com if you have the capacity and bandwidth to help ... or a recommendation for a partner you have used for something similar. Thank you.

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Check in with Fresh Robot. They are a Second Wind member who should be able to help. The principal's name is Houston Harris,



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