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Midwest & Great Plains Media Suggestions Needed


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We have a client who wants to reach "weekend or aspirational" farmers in the Midwest and Great Plains areas. Well-heeled on acreage with a rural mindset and green or independent values.

The client is thinking print, but we're open-minded.

Any suggestions?

Tom Flynn
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Hi Walter, our agency does a fair amount of work in the ag industry in the Midwest and Great Plains. Recent research that we've seen shows print is still the number 1 media for this audience. One publication that might fit your target audience is called "Living the Country Life", which is produced by the same company that produces Successful Farming.  Good luck!

Member 215
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Hi Walter,

Here are some print pubs catered to farming in the Midwest.

--Iowa Farmer Today: http://www.iowafarmertoday.com/

--Michigan Farmer: http://www.michiganfarmer.com/

--Mid-South Farmer: http://www.midsouthfarmer.com/

--Missouri Farmer Today: http://www.missourifarmertoday.com/

--Ohio Farmer: http://www.ohiofarmer.com/

--My Indiana Home Online: http://my-indiana-home.com/

--Midwest Dairy Business: http://dairybusiness.com/

Let me know if you have other questions.


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