Second Wind’s 25 Most-Read Articles of 2017

Second Wind's Most Read Articles of 2017

As 2017 came to a close, we looked back at the content our readers were most interested in during the past year. Following are our most-read articles. They range from new business to account service, from human resources to creative work, from workflow to branding. If you missed these, here’s your chance to catch up.

Account Service

Code Red! Account Service Crisis Alert!

The alarming trend of having account executives wear all of the ad agency hats no one else wants to wear—and neglect their primary duty of building strong client relationships.

When It’s Your Job to Educate a New Client (And Their In-House Team)

Should agencies assume responsibility for training clients who have never before worked with an ad agency?

It’s the Ad Agency’s Job to Disagree with Clients

The ad agency’s role as the questioner of all client assumptions; using consumer research to identify not just the facts, but the most important facts to guide marketing strategy.

Client-Agency Relationships Demand Renewed Focus: Trust Building

Trends in client-agency relationships revealed by RSW/US New Year Outlook survey; building trust-based client relationships is the key to strong client-agency partnerships.

Agency Culture

How Real Are Your Agency Values?

Leadership’s role in aligning an ad agency’s practiced or real values with its claimed values, and ways to create a self-regulating agency culture.


Long Live Your Brand: Better Media Outreach = Longer Brand Life

Regular media outreach offers positive payoffs in brand storytelling, brand continuity and brand lifespan.

Is Your Client’s Brand in a News Bubble?

News bubbles can impact brand management when managers and advocates stop listening to the channel, end users and ad agencies; the ad agency role in breaking brand bubbles.

Walking a Brand Tightrope: Be True to Your Values

The dangers of brands taking political sides on issues, or just having to respond to politicized attacks, and eight brand tenets to follow.


The Great Debate: Why Conflict Can Improve Your Creative Product

The benefits of conflict in a creative advertising agency, and encouraging the agency team to see conflict as a tool for achieving better ideas.

Stop Hunting for “Unicorn” Designers

Finding art directors or designers who can “do it all” is no longer reasonable; seek people with two or more skill sets and team them with people having complementary skills.

Ten Ways to Move Your Ideas from Good to Great

Ten tactics for moving good ideas to “great,” including training your brain to make connections, aiming for volume, and incremental idea improvement.

Work When You Feel Like Working
George Fuller asks why we shouldn’t be working smarter, not harder, by learning what time of day we are most creative and trying to work hardest at those times.


The Marketing Agency Roadmap for Turning IP into Money – Converting Assets into Revenue

Sharon Toerek of Toerek Law explains ways ad agencies can profit from intellectual property assets.

Money Talks: What Goes into Ad Agency Pricing

The basics of ad agency pricing, including client relationship factors, pricing types, and an outline of factors beyond time and materials; plus a pricing worksheet.

Human Resources

Red Flags Flying? Hiring to Avoid Toxic People

The No Asshole Rule for hiring helps ensure good values alignment in new job candidates, managers and even clients; five steps to spotting toxic behavior before you hire.

We Forget to Ask Job Candidates: “What Are Your Expectations?”

The importance of aligning employer and new hire expectations to ensure employee retention; how to verify job candidate expectations.

How Bias Influences Hiring, And So Much More, Part 1

To build a more diverse advertising agency team, you may first have to find ways to reduce hiring biases.


Is the Pendulum Swinging Back Toward Traditional Media?

The media spending pendulum is starting to swing back to a more integrated model, with renewed confidence in traditional media’s ability to achieve mass reach.

New Business

New Business Success: It’s not Magic, it’s Methodology

The RSW/US 2016 Agency New Business Survey identified consistent reasons why ad agencies often fail at new business: lack of methodology, lack of a new business plan, and lack of a dedicated new business team.

Marketers and Agencies: Looking Through A Different Lens

Mark Sneider of RSW/US considers marketer and agency trends that are in opposition, and how agencies’ lack of investment in their businesses could impact on new business efforts.

Busting the New Business Cold-Call Myth

Getting past new business prospects’ gatekeepers by returning to the little-used tactics of direct mail, cold calling and the new business letter.

Smart Ways for Account Executives to Hunt New Business

Four parameters to follow when assigning new business responsibilities to ad agency account executives.


The Lure of Lean Workflow: Decluttering Ad Agency Systems

How decluttering your advertising agency workflow can lead to greater efficiency, productivity, profits, and creative ideas.

The New Ad Agency Digital Workflow: More Compression, Greater Efficiency

A look at ad agency workflow systems, circa 2017, including current workflow software; more fluid, non-linear workflow systems; workflow “in the cloud”; and the importance of leadership in encouraging system adoption and support.

We’re All in This Together

How to shift smaller ad agency employees accustomed to just doing their work to using a full-on agency management or workflow system.



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