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AQUA Agency Software


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We are a smaller agency (10-15 staff) and have been evaluating different packages to replace our aging and cumbersome agency software. Right now AQUA seems to be just about the best for an all-in-one solution. As it stands we're already using Basecamp in an attempt to shore up the many deficiencies of C&P and are finding it a Sisyphian task to manage two separate databases/systems. We have looked at

and have used Wrike)

Out of all of these, only Aqua is the all-in-one - so two most pressing questions are:

1) Pros/Cons of All-in-one solutions vs Separate PM, Accounting, and CRM tools
2) Suggestions on other packages to consider

Some must-haves on the PM side for us are:

* Mange/Track task dependencies
* Portfolio -> Project -> Sub-project/Task management
* Nimble resource allocation/re-allocation
* Fast-tracking projects
* Email/project notes tie-in
* Strong Team and agency/client collaboration (think Basecamp)
* Project budget forecasting and reporting

Thanks in advance for any insight and input.

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Hi Frank. I have plenty to talk to you about Aqua. I've left you a message at your office today. My office number is 416 362 3664. Sincerely, Vince Dong.

Ron Ause
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We offer the most comprehensive all-in-one agency management systems on the market.  We would love to show you why so many of your peers at Secondwind use Workamajig before you make a final decision.  Check us out at Workamajig.com.

Ron Ause

Chris Fisler
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Hello Frank,

We are also a small agency and are in the process of transitioning from Aqua to FunctionPoint.  We had used Advantage since the Adman days and found the integration to be useful, if not cumbersome.  We have a small staff with no in-house IT support and found that simple tasks were taking much too long.  So far we have found FunctionPoint to be extremely easy to get up and running as the FP team does most of the integration work.  We plan on launching with the rest of the team next week.  It integrated seamlessly with QuickBooks which is another huge advantage.  Right now, the only unknown is media.  I'm happy to discuss if you'd like.  I'm back in the office Monday at  978-463-6605.

Chris Fisler

John McDonald - Principal - Metric Marketing
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Workamajig is the our first all in one agency software solution and we love it.  Implementation is extensive but the support and training and the outcome of the software has been excellent.  I would highly recommend taking Frank up on his offer.


John McDonald - CEO

Metric Marketing - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canda

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