For Smaller Agencies

Dates & Details

April 21, 2021
11:00 AM - 4:00 PM Eastern Time

Virtual Training: Includes live presentation, discussion and Q&A

Limited to 30 Participants

Login credentials will be sent 48 hours prior to the session.

For Agency Owners, Financial Managers and Bookkeepers


Members: $349 per attendee
Non-Members: $399 per attendee


No one knows what the coming months may bring. However, with the right planning and strategies, you will not only survive but thrive. This session will outline successful strategies for strengthening your agency's financial outlook and performance in 2020 and beyond. Plus, we'll reserve time to address your specific questions and concerns about operating in the current economic environment.


  • Factors affecting financial performance for agencies
  • The key to profits is efficiency and effective operations
  • Understanding the difference between management and financial reporting
  • Setting hourly billing rates appropriate for the times
  • Tracking estimates: Don’t let profits slip through your fingers
  • How to fully use your accounting system, no matter what program you use
  • Structuring your agency’s P&L statement to monitor your forward progress
  • Financial analysis: Key numbers you should snapshot each day, week, month and quarter
  • Timesheets... why tracking is vital to profitability
  • Creating a 1-3-6-month budget for planning purposes
  • The most important financial metrics to watch now


This session will also include plenty of time for group discussion and Q&A. Come ready to interact, share and learn!