For Non-Financial People

Dates & Details

March 23, 2023
1:00 - 3:00 PM Eastern Time

Virtual Training: Includes live presentation, discussion, Q&A and access to a recording for 30 days.

Attendance is limited to 25 agencies with 3 logins permitted per agency.


Members: $229 per agency
Non-Member: $259 per agency


It is increasingly clear that financial success in the agency business cannot fully depend on agency principals or controllers. There are so many details, so many points of intersection and so many opportunities to make or lose money that anyone in agency management, account service, traffic, production or even creative, must understand how agencies make money. This is especially true in an environment where agencies make far fewer dollars on commissions and markups and much more on fees. Efficient agency operations are the key to financial success.

This session will help agency non-financial people understand the business side of running an agency


  • How agencies make and spend money
  • How to read an agency P&L statement
  • Agency profitability metrics and goals
  • Setting and monitoring utilization/realization goals
  • Why billed time is different than billable time
  • Timekeeping and why every hour counts
  • Estimate v. Actual: The post-mortem review
  • Factors that eat away at agency profits
  • Implementing change to improve the bottom line

This session will also include plenty of time for group discussion and Q&A. Come ready to interact, share and learn!