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Client hours assignments


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Jenny Herzberger
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We've just recently received approval for the majority of our clients budgets, in a retainer model, and have a bucket of hours to roll out for each service line item for each team. Has anyone rolled out hours assignments client service teams, and is there an approach that you found that works? We're a little concerned because we have a bucket of hours to give them for the year for each service line item but not necessarily how many hours are expected by position or tasks. We'd love feedback if anyone has this down and running well.


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Hi Jenny:

If you go back to your estimate worksheets do they give any insight as to how many hours are assigned to each person for each task? That may help you determine how to slice and dice the hours. If not, you may find it helpful to re-estimate internally based on the hours you quoted and assign them to the person/task at this point. If the retainer is large and includes a lot of hours, you'll want some way to divide them fairly among the tasks and be able to track how they are used. Otherwise, your team may be wrestling internally over hours.

Give me a call if you want to talk through it.


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