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Rate for using wedding footage in a commercial production


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Erik Russell / Keen i Media
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We have been asked about using some footage shot for a wedding video in a national (US) TV ad. Out wedding client wants to know how much they should charge to use the footage for one year, and what we would charge to use that footage for a commercial application. Any thoughts, ideas or experience with something like this?


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Hi Erik:

I did a bit of research and it looks like video footage is typically licensed by the second or minute, depending on how much will be used. I looked at pricing from some stock sites and the range in pricing is enormous, based on quality, whether the stock is royalty-free or rights managed and how it will be used (nationally/locally). The rates I saw were as low as $25 per second to $10,000+ per minute.

The ultimate price will really be a judgement call unless you can find something similar and use that for comparison. You could use some of the better know stock sites and see what they charge for royalty-free footage of similar subject matter and use that as a guide.

I did a quick calculation on Getty for :15 of a Rights Managed wedding video for TV advertising and the price was $4,400. This was unlimited use for 1 year.

Hope this helps.


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