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Looking to grow animated explainer video business!


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We're a full-service digital shop based in Manhattan, KS and being that we started as a creative boutique 8 years ago, we in-house 95% of our work.

We have a pretty large video production team handling everything from web video to national TV spots but one segment of that line of business which we see very scalable is the services offered by our animation team.

We call them explainer videos.

Short, 1-3 minute animated videos which explain a process to the viewer. Whether it's a sales tool demonstrating product (or software) features or education piece for explaining complex processes, explainer videos help communicate concepts visually in ways that traditional video might not be conducive (or cost effective) to.

We're currently looking for agency partners.

Being that this work is 100% created in studio, we have been slowly growing this line of our business across the country. We can work with your team to be able to offer these types of services completely white labeled to the client.

Being that we're located in the midwest with relatively low overheads, we've found our pricing to be very, very competitive, allowing your agency to mark up as you see fit.

If you're interested in having us scope out a project, shoot me an email at blade(at)502mediagroup.com

Here are a few recent projects we've completed:

Riley County Appraisers

AJRS Mobile Tire Replacement

Pioneer Communications

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