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Flex work Arrangements


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We are looking into ways of incorporating Flex work in our agency. Please share your experiences—good or bad. What are some of the ways your agency is implementing flex work? Is you agency differentiating flex time work from remote work? How did you start (trial or full commitment)? Have you made this an agency policy or it loosely implemented?

Adam Fox
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Ours was loosely implemented, we have both. It always causes a least some resentment (for no good reason) and ultimately we let go of some people who couldn't handle not physically seeing people looking busy (we're glad they're gone). Flex time is a real benefit to people with kids, elderly parents, houses under renovation, sick dogs, etc.

As long as they get their work done, we're good. We let people work different hours (especially web devs, creatives, and digital). That lets people who want to power through and then crash. Everyone who works flex time puts in more than the average.

We also have remote workers locally (come in for meeting sometimes), in the Philippines, and out of state (workers who moved away due to spouses). Webex helps. Yes they aren't as tied-in, but most of our clients are out of state anyway.

Trial is best. Super clear expectations is key. So is killing any griping.

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