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We create, place, and pay for campaigns on FB on client's behalf. For unknown reasons, we've been cut off due to "suspicious activity." I'll skip all the ranting about how difficult - no, impossible - this company is to deal with. (There was no suspicious activity. My credit card companies confirm everything. Blah blah blah.) In the end, we need some way to continue to service our clients.

1. Has anyone else had and solved this kind of problem? Help!

2. Are there any affordable, small budget services we could contract through that would run the ad campaigns for us?

Any help or comments welcome.

Reach me at 207-522-7987

Walter Briggs

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Hi Walter,

I've been reading about this and it looks like a complete mess on Facebook's side; almost no recourse for those who have been suspended. Let me see if I can find a company who can help. I'm not sure how all of it would work but it would be a good resource for us to have. I'm sure other members have experienced this issue and might need a resource, as well. I'll post anything I find to the Forums.


Jeff Nordeen
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Hi Walter,

As long as the campaigns were migrated over to Facebook Business Manager you should not have had an issue managing your campaigns.

In briefly looking at the fb community page, it seems many people have had issues with FB Ads: https://www.facebook.com/help/community/question/?id=10200390645765611 -

This seems to arise mostly when the payment details do not match the username which sounds like an issue caused during the migration to FB Business Manager where personal usernames had to first be associated with a Business Manager and that Ads account is synced to the Business Manager – but not to the personal account.

I could see how syncing the ad account straight to a personal profile could have been done erroneously which may be looked at as suspicious activity.

I hope that helps.


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