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Media vendor/buyer/client relationship


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Can anyone share any knowledge about where I might find an agreement or an article written about how media vendors should/shouldn't interact with a media buyer's client?  I've found that in some cases media vendors will try to go around the media buyer to talk directly to a media buyer's client.  Just looking for some information on how I can construct a media buyer/media vendor relationship agreement to avoid this from happening in the future.

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If you are acting as buyer/representative for your client with the media then the media should be dealing with you and not the client. I'm not sure what your current agreement with the media contains but you could try to include a non-circumvention clause which states that the media (or any other vendor) will not go around you and work directly with the client. Here's a link to a sample clause you can use: https://www.secondwindonline.com/library/public/contracts-agreements/sample_non_circumvention_clause.doc

Let me know if this helps or of you'd like to chat.


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