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Spotify Placement


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Candy Van Dam
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Does anyone have experience working with Spotify? We've contacted the company multiple times via the website forms -- and have received an auto response only. We've tracked down phone numbers for the NYC office via various databases, but the numbers are either not in service or are not answered.

This leads us to believe the customer service for Spotify will be less than desirable, but our client wants to advertise on this medium. Does anyone have a direct contact that we might use? Any other tips about working with Spotify?

Thank you.

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Hi Candy. We're placing ad buys on Pandora, but not Spotify. Would also be interested in hearing from anyone who has experience with Spotify.



Member 4520
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Hi Candy,

Our agency has explored Spotify and just recently got assigned a local rep. We are in the Atlanta market. They are years behind Pandora in terms of servicing local accounts. It is much more focused on national accounts, but they are now making the effort to accommodate that.  Scale (having enough impressions) is still a problem though. What market is your client seeking to buy in? I can reach out to our Atlanta rep to see if they can connect you - or help your client if they so desire. Let me know.

-Scott Christopher

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