Agency Culture

A Culture of Learning Keeps Your Agency On the Forward Edge

Second Wind

Looking back over the past decade, the advance of technology and changing face of media has been astounding. And as marketers, the speed at which we as an industry have ...

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Seven Signs Your Agency Culture Is Thriving

Second Wind

Culture is a much touted factor in building a great creative ad agency or marketing firm. Agency principals devote much time and effort into figuring out what their culture is ...

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Be The Human Highlight Reel

Jack Henke

One day on the way to a meeting, I was in a funk. Although I can’t remember the specifics, I had encountered some incredibly bad hurdles that morning. These ...

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I Know Where I'm Going…

Second Wind

Working in a service industry like ours requires a clear sense of purpose. If you are not all working as a team toward some ultimate goal, meshing like gears in ...

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Building Your Ad Agency on Values

Deborah Budd

In today’s corporate world, it is trendy to brandish the terms “culture” and “values” when discussing strategic plans or objectives. Many business leaders claim to understand how strong core ...

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How to Maintain Your Agency’s Culture During a Pandemic

Jessica Butler

You may have read the title of this article and thought, “What exactly is agency culture?” The culture within an agency can encompass a number of things. Simply, it’s ...

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Second Wind’s Must-Read Books for Advertising Agency People

Second Wind

Recently, an agency principal called with an unusual request. He wanted a reading list to share with his employees that would provide a “best of” overview of the industry’s ...

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