Human Resources

Benefits of Employee Testing

The Benefits of Employee Testing

Jeremy Mullen

To properly value your workforce, you need strong insight into your employees. Understanding what a person knows; how quickly s/he can learn new information ...

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AEs Spread Too Thin

Are Your Account Executives Spread Too Thin?

Deborah Budd

We have a question for all account supervisors, directors of account service and agency principals: Do you know what your account service people must do ...

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Diversity Goals

Meet Diversity Goals Through Bias Disruption

Deborah Budd

Following a viral incident in which two black men were arrested because they hadn’t placed an order while waiting to meet a business associate ...

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Pay Your Freelancers

How Do You Pay Your Freelancers?

Deborah Budd

We’ve written frequently about managing and working with freelancers and independent contractors. But given some of the remarks tweeted around National Freelancers Day (June ...

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Interns In House

Interns In-House!

Second Wind

Interns can be valuable creative contributors and support personnel, as well as offering the opportunity for some word-of-mouth recruiting. So if you have a corner ...

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Grow Creative Director

How Do You Grow a Creative Director?

Deborah Budd

Most ad agencies and marketing firms grow to a certain point—say, 15-20 employees—at which point the principals need to spend most of their ...

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Advertsing Under-Represents Women

Advertising Under-represents Women, Internally and in Messaging

Deborah Budd

While the initial media coverage of the #MeToo movement has died down a bit since the end of 2017, it has revived discussions around a ...

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Now That You've Hired Them

Now That You’ve Hired Them… What Do You Do Next?

Beth James

Your business is growing. And you’ve spent the last few weeks recruiting, carefully vetting and choosing a few new individuals to join your agency ...

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