Scope Creep

Scope Creep: Setting Parameters Protects Agency Profits

Deborah Budd

Smaller agencies often have a learning curve with regard to “corporate-speak,” particularly with regard to the lingo of procurement departments. A very important term to understand is “project scope.”

According ...

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How Do You Know Which Clients Are Profitable?

Second Wind

Sometimes, agency owners or managers feel like the proverbial dog chasing its own tail. You keep going in circles and never seem to get ahead. Considering that problem from the ...

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Workflow Ready to Roll

Is Your Agency Workflow Ready to Roll?

Second Wind

Regardless of economic conditions, agencies need to ensure a quick, accurate workflow. Those agencies forced to adjust to lower billings, fewer projects and leaner budgets during a downturn need to ...

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Winning Workflow: Scheduling Tactics to Spread the Workload

Deborah Budd

Smart time management skills are essential for ad agency employees in our era of needing everyone to work at maximum levels of productivity and efficiency. But for many agencies, hiring ...

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Putting Out Fires

Are You Putting Out Fires or Managing Workflow? The Urgent/Important Balance

Deborah Budd

The clients are screaming for their rush jobs, the AEs just brought in three new “hot” projects, and agency production staff are looking fried and tired from trying to keep ...

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Five Ways to Improve Agency Productivity

Beth James

In terms of employee productivity, today’s rapidly evolving technologies are a two-edged sword. Faster, multi-functional mobile phones, tablets and pcs, continual software upgrades for everything from digital art to ...

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