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The Unproductive Office

The Unproductive Office: Rethinking Open Office Plans

Deborah Budd

The latest research indicates the open-plan workspace may not be great for employees—or for collaboration and productivity. Worse, in a time when many businesses ...

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When Is Creative Good Enough?

Second Wind

In a Second Wind Online Member Forums discussion, several members shared thoughts on the delicate balancing act of striving to do great creative—within the ...

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Breakthrough Creativity

Need Breakthrough Creativity? Try Actually Breaking Something

Deborah Budd

Literal actions based on creative metaphors have been found to have actual effects on resulting creativity. That’s a mouthful, so let me clarify…

It ...

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Blocking Great Creative

Are Your Account Executives Blocking Great Creative?

Beth James

Agency creative people are in a never-ending quest to make the work more enticing, more appealing, and, well, more creative. Each client job or project ...

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Incredibly Big Ideas

Twelve Steps to Incredibly Big Ideas

Marilyn Barefoot

We are always interested in new tips and tactics to make brainstorming sessions more effective, and boost idea generation. Marilyn Barefoot of Barefoot Brainstorming has ...

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Changing Business Strategies at Stock Image Sites

Deborah Budd

In a Second Wind Forums post, a member asked if anyone else had been notified by stock imagery house Shutterstock about increased fees for image ...

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copywriter a mac

Give your Copywriter a Macintosh

Second Wind

This article was originally published in 1988...we've come a long way since then. #30thanniversary

If you do, it will save you lots of ...

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The Gift of Creative Detachment

The Gift of Creative Detachment – Designer Ego vs. Customer Focus

Deborah Budd

Designers can be quite passionate about their ideas. They can also be blind to those ideas not being the best solution to a client’s ...

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Better Creative

Better Creative Is Yours for the Organizing

Tony Mikes

Most articles that we write about organization relate to becoming more profitable. But, after recently discussing better creative during a Second Wind member’s executive ...

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Grow Creative Director

How Do You Grow a Creative Director?

Deborah Budd

Most ad agencies and marketing firms grow to a certain point—say, 15-20 employees—at which point the principals need to spend most of their ...

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The Eight Criteria of Persuasion

The Eight Criteria of Persuasion

Jeffrey Hedquist

It arrived in the mail and sat buried in a stack of ”I’ll read it later” solicitations. After all, it was just a brochure ...

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Globe Logo

A Logo Made for Mockery, or Effin’ Brilliant?

Deborah Budd

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”
Albert Einstein

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater in London just launched a logo redesign that ...

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