Legal/Intellectual Property

California Freelance

California Updates Freelancer Regulations, NY Offers Support

Second Wind

The gig economy has caused an immense shift in employment practices, with growing numbers of Americans working part-time or as freelancers as companies continue to ...

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Copyright Battlefield

Ownership Meets Change of Scope on the Copyright Battlefield

Deborah Budd

You’ve designed a project for an occasional client, with a nicely spelled out agreement regarding project scope and an approved estimate for the work ...

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Trademark Color

When Color Is The Brand: Trademarking a Color

Deborah Budd

We live in a colorful world. Every day we are surrounded by color—in how we decorate our homes, the colors of our vehicles, the ...

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Brandless: Branding Bad… Trademarks Good?

Deborah Budd

The growing market for healthy, eco-friendly, organic and natural products (as ill-defined as all of those terms are) leads to some curious examples of new ...

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Changing Business Strategies at Stock Image Sites

Deborah Budd

In a Second Wind Forums post, a member asked if anyone else had been notified by stock imagery house Shutterstock about increased fees for image ...

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