Accounting ROI

What Is Your Accounting ROI? Ten Reasons Why an AMS Is Your Best ROI Tool

Vincent G. Dong

How many ad agency owners have asked about the return on investment (ROI) on their accountants?

How many owners of agencies completely and implicitly trust ...

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Pay Your Freelancers

How Do You Pay Your Freelancers?

Deborah Budd

We’ve written frequently about managing and working with freelancers and independent contractors. But given some of the remarks tweeted around National Freelancers Day (June ...

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Nosey Clients: Should You Share Vendor Invoices?

Tony Mikes

I received a letter from a friend in the agency business in California.

“The client asked to see copies of all vendor invoices coming into ...

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Billing Standards and Practices

Why You Need an Agency Billing Standards and Practices Guide

Deborah Budd

Many of you are married or in long-term relationships. Think about the last big fight you had with your spouse. We’d bet even money ...

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Ugly Interface

What’s the Biggest Complaint About AMS? Ugly Interfaces

Deborah Budd

Just when you think you’ve heard it all…

I’m a Gemini, so while I love good design, I can appreciate the more functional ...

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Financial Statements: Timing Is Everything!

Second Wind

Agencies are just as surely business enterprises as they are creative and service organizations. For agencies to be behind in monthly tracking of agency finances ...

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Objective Troops

Here’s Your Objective, Troops

Second Wind

One of the biggest objections to working with ROI strategies in our business is that the mathematical formulae involved are so complicated—not just to ...

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