Is Online Brand Safety Even Possible?

Is Online Brand Safety Even Possible? Open Exchanges vs. PMPs

Deborah Budd

In a recent Brand Safety Study from mobile video ad network AdColony, 60 percent of surveyed users said they “had encountered undesirable content” on Facebook ...

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When Should You Geo-Target

When Should You Geo-Target vs. Geo-Fence, and What Is the Difference?

Dana Bojcic

There are several “geo” terms in digital advertising, and it can be complicated to determine which option is best for your campaign. With so many ...

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Solve the Right Problems

Solve the Right Problems, in the Right Order

Deborah Budd

We automatically assume that what we pay attention to is what’s important.
– Robert Cialdini, Pre-Suasion:

Behavioral scientists have identified a cognitive thing called attentional ...

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Social Media to Be Perfect

Users – And Advertisers – Want Social Media to Be Perfect

Deborah Budd

Social media has been a difficult environment for marketers since the first ad was served there. But as more and more people and marketers use ...

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Match Google Analytics Report

Why Doesn’t My Monthly Digital Ad Campaign Report Match My Google Analytics Report?

Leslye Schumacher

In Google Analytics Guide: How to Understand Reports and Explain to Your Clients, I walked readers through four essential Google Analytics reports, and how to ...

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Google Analytics Guide

Google Analytics Guide: How to Understand Reports and Explain to Your Clients

Leslye Schumacher

If you are in advertising and want to be a marketing guru for your clients, you need to have a basic understanding of Google Analytics ...

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Productive Digital Client Meeting

The Steps for a Productive Digital Advertising Client Meeting

Dana Bojcic

When going into a digital client needs analysis meeting it can be hard to determine where to start. There are so many products and options ...

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E-Danger: The Risks of Relying Solely on Email for Client Contact

Second Wind

It’s an email world. Once upon a time, we wrote letters to clients, or held lengthy phone conversations, or sat in regular meetings to ...

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Data Privacy Facebook

Data Privacy and Facebook: Using Duct Tape to Fix Broken Trust

Deborah Budd

Social media is still a young medium; much of what social platform design teams have learned about unintended design outcomes, they learned through actual user ...

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