employee training

If We Train Them, They'll Leave

“If We Train Them, They’ll Leave”

Deborah Budd

Train people well enough so they can leave; treat people well enough that they don’t want to.

Richard Branson

Some ad agency owners have ...

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Hiring Future Leaders

Hiring Employees vs. Hiring Future Leaders

Deborah Budd

Obviously, a potential successor needs a different set of qualifications, experience and character traits than someone you’re predominantly hiring for a specific skill set ...

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People are the Key to Better Workflow

Why People Are the Key to Better Workflow

Dawn Travelstead

Now more than ever, efficient workflow is critical to the success of an agency. Without it, even the most creative firm may find itself in ...

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Now That You've Hired Them

Now That You’ve Hired Them… What Do You Do Next?

Beth James

Your business is growing. And you’ve spent the last few weeks recruiting, carefully vetting and choosing a few new individuals to join your agency ...

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