financial management

Rules for Greater Efficiency

Six More Rules for Greater Efficiency and Profitability

Second Wind

In The Long and Winding Road, our late founder, Tony Mikes, shared his Six Agency Financial Rules. Since then, we’ve identified additional steps agency ...

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Report Write Offs

Why Ad Agencies Need to Report Their Write Offs

Vincent G. Dong, CPA, CA

What’s the big deal about write-offs? No one sees them on the income statement, therefore, nothing to worry about. Right?

Every year, ad agencies ...

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The Long and Winding Road

The Long and Winding Road

Tony Mikes

Following is a hard-learned, hard-earned summary from Second Wind to you; hard-learned after years of seeing agencies fail to mind the financial store, and hard-earned ...

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Value-based Pricing

Value-based Pricing: How to Raise Your Price Ceiling for Marketing Expertise

Deborah Budd

In the halcyon days of the advertising business, when the economy was stable and we had yet to be swallowed up in the global competitive ...

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Accounting ROI

What Is Your Accounting ROI? Ten Reasons Why an AMS Is Your Best ROI Tool

Vincent G. Dong

How many ad agency owners have asked about the return on investment (ROI) on their accountants?

How many owners of agencies completely and implicitly trust ...

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Billing Standards and Practices

Why You Need an Agency Billing Standards and Practices Guide

Deborah Budd

Many of you are married or in long-term relationships. Think about the last big fight you had with your spouse. We’d bet even money ...

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