The Best Employee Incentive Is Purpose

Deborah Budd

Using monetary incentives to motivate employee productivity or increase performance is a tried and true practice. The question is, how effective are monetary rewards?

Incentives in Ad Agencies

Agency principals ...

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Healthy Turnover Rate

What is a “Healthy” Employee Turnover Rate?

Second Wind

With the unemployment rate at 3.7 percent, and the labor force participation rate at 62.9 percent, businesses are finding it challenging to recruit good employees. Competition for the ...

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Instead of Engagement, Focus on Trust, Purpose and Heart

Deborah Budd

Engagement.It’s a word we throw around like it actually means something. Too often, we use it to describe how we like to imagine consumers interacting with our advertising ...

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Five Ways to Improve Agency Productivity

Beth James

In terms of employee productivity, today’s rapidly evolving technologies are a two-edged sword. Faster, multi-functional mobile phones, tablets and pcs, continual software upgrades for everything from digital art to ...

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When Down Is Up

When Down Is Up: Making the Most of Downtime

Second Wind

We heard an interesting fact from an agency principal not long ago. He said that his ad agency had been losing about $100,000 per year in billable hours through ...

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