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The Ethics of Design Skills Tests

The Ethics of Design Skills Tests

Deborah Budd

Design skills tests can be a useful way to identify the best from among two or three possible design candidates. That said, pay attention to ...

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Benefits of Employee Testing

The Benefits of Employee Testing

Jeremy Mullen

To properly value your workforce, you need strong insight into your employees. Understanding what a person knows; how quickly s/he can learn new information ...

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Adventures in Procedural Inertia

Yes, We Have No Bananas… Adventures in Procedural Inertia

Deborah Budd

Business policies often seem carved in stone… and some of the most deeply carved policies have been around so long, no one actually remembers who ...

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Interns In House

Interns In-House!

Second Wind

Interns can be valuable creative contributors and support personnel, as well as offering the opportunity for some word-of-mouth recruiting. So if you have a corner ...

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Evolving Agile

Evolving a More Agile Workflow

Deborah Budd

We have written about “agility” in the agency sphere in the past. And with each new technological innovation, agility becomes ever more essential to daily ...

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Better Creative

Better Creative Is Yours for the Organizing

Tony Mikes

Most articles that we write about organization relate to becoming more profitable. But, after recently discussing better creative during a Second Wind member’s executive ...

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Death of Paper Trail

Death of the Paper Trail (And Why System Must Replace It)

Deborah Budd

There was a time not so many years ago when digital agency management systems (AMS) were poorly designed at best, leaving most smaller agencies to ...

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When We Won’t Need Traffic Managers

George Fuller

In a world where jobs open on vocal command like the door to Ali Baba’s cave, and where accurate estimates appear magically from the ...

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