Seven Steps for a Final Quarter New Business Push

Seven Steps for a Final Quarter New Business Push

With the third quarter already a month gone, we hope we’re in time to share a few reminders about closing out your year with a strong new business push.

1. If you haven’t already done so, meet with your AEs or account managers to discuss which clients have projects pending, and what you might do to bring those projects forward and into the 4th quarter billing cycle. Strategize how to nudge clients into moving stalled projects or starting new ones.

2. Discuss ideas for proposing projects to existing clients. Getting more business from current clients is usually easier than trying to land new accounts. Brainstorm ideas for programs that clients will find beneficial, aimed at helping clients meet goals and objectives.

3. Recheck your core competencies. Has your expertise or area of focus changed over the past year? Can you claim a new niche and focus on developing prospects in that niche between now and year-end? Can you leverage any recent account wins to win more clients in related categories? 

4. Focus on your hottest new business prospects. Referrals or hot leads should be moved to the front of your new business pipeline. Discuss what you need to do to make connections, win appointments and ready pitches for those prospects. Assign tasks so the entire team is supporting your new business developer. 

5. Make sure you qualify “hot” prospects! Apply your qualifications criteria to referrals and hot prospects, to ensure you don’t waste time on prospects that are not a good fit for your agency.

6. Identify in-the-pipeline prospects you have the best chance of winning by year’s end. Which prospects are closest to a closing pitch? Ramp up efforts to win those prospects. Divvy up the best prospects and assign people to make calls. Develop strategies for enticing prospects to make appointments for a first meeting.

7. Keep working your process and your plan. 

Remember, even if you are busy with work already in-house, new business should be a priority. You never know when a big client may leave. A consistent, persistent new business process ensures you will always have your next best client in the pipeline.